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Underground Railroad Memorial (Battle Creek, MI)
A multi figure statue that includes portraits of Erastus and Sarah Hussey, abolitionists and Underground Railroad conductors in southern Michigan as well as an image of Harriet Tubman.

Freedom Crossing Monument (Lewiston, NY)
The monument consists of five bronze sculptures. The subjects are a family of freedom seekers including a father, mother and baby; Lewiston's Underground Railroad Station Master, Josiah Tryon; and the fictional heroine, Laura Eastman, from the…

Knockin’ On Freedom’s Door (Peoria, IL)
Preston Jackson‘s monumental bronze and stainless steelKnockin’ on Freedom’s Door is located on the site of the former Pettengill House in Peoria, an important station on the Underground Railroad. The work features multiple bronze sculptural groups…

Tower of Freedom (Windsor, Ontario)
The Canadian counter-part to Ed Dwight's Gateway to Freedom, Tower of Freedom consists of a twenty-two-foot high granite tower, adorned with a bronze flame symbolizing the “Eternal Flame of Freedom.” Life-size bronze figures stand on opposite sides…

Gateway to Freedom: International Memorial to the Underground Railroad (Detroit, MI )
Two gateway pillars (approximately fifteen feet tall), topped with candles symbolizing the “Flame of Freedom,” flank Ed Dwight's memorial to the Underground Railroad. The work, which overlooks the Detroit River, includes a ten-by-twelve-foot…

Jerry Rescue Monument (Syracuse, NY)
A concrete four-pointed star serves as the sculpture’s plinth. Three brick and concrete walls form a niche, which viewers are invited to physically occupy. Affixed to the brick walls, the niche contains bronze plaques explaining the history of Jerry…
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