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The photograph depicts a Union army guard and other men in front of a building, whose painted signage reads "Price, Birch & Co., dealers in slaves." The building stands at 1315 Duke St., Alexandria, VA. The premises were previously owned by the…

The photograph shows the north side of the slave quarters. Address: 1315 Duke St., Alexandria, Virginia.

The photograph shows bird's-eye view of the Alexandria, VA.

The U.S. Copyright Office Cadastral map shows land ownership and acreage, as well as part of the city of Alexandria. Oriented with north toward the upper right.

Printed at the Coast Survey Office, October 25, 1862, the plan of Alexandria depicts selected buildings and churches. Oriented with north to the right.

The aerial view of Alexandria, VA was created according to an Act of Congress in 1863 by Charles Magnus in the Clerk's Office of the Southern District of New York. The hand-colored map includes an index with the following points of interests: Hunting…

Located near University Hall, the oldest building on campus and constructed with the labor of enslaved persons, the memorial has two distinct features: a sculpture and a stone plinth. The sculpture consists of a massive ductile-iron chain, which…

An article from the Randolph County Journal, a local Winchester, Indiana newspaper, describing the escape of Charles Nalle.

The Mt. Vernon Hotel, reputed to be the largest hotel in the world, was built in the oceanfront city of Cape May in 1852. As early as the 1830s Cape May became a popular vacation spot for the elite of New York, Baltimore, Washington, and…

A document showing that Anthony Thompson paid $2 to a midwife for Rit, Tubman's mother, on March 15, 1822. This date coincides with Tubman’s likely birth date.
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