Slavery Monuments in the Caribbean

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Slavery Monuments in the Caribbean


Renée Ater


Renée Ater

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Le Marron Inconnu de Saint-Domingue (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
The bronze sculpture depicts a man, clad only in torn shorts, kneeling on his right leg. His left leg is outstretched behind him, a broken iron chain lays on the ground around his left foot. He arches his torso back as he holds a conch shell to his…

Emancipation Statue (Bridgetown, Barbados)
The monumental bronze statue depicts a semi-nude figure, dressed only in shorts. He raises his arms in a triumphant gesture, which accentuates the broken chains around his wrists. The identity of the figure is thought to be the leader of the April…

Desenkadena (Willemstad, Curaçao)
The over life-size bronze sculptural group depicts three figures, two men and one woman. As the title of the work, Desenkadena (unchained) suggests, the figures are breaking free from the chains that bind their wrists. The central figure is flanked…

Redemption Song (Kingston, Jamaica)
Two nude figures, shown from the knees up, face one another as they gaze skyward. The two bronze figures of a man and woman stand in a cast-iron dome fountain.

Mémorial de l’Anse Cafard (Le Diamant, Martinique)
The memorial, which overlooks the sea, commemorates both the enslaved people who perished in a shipwreck off the coast of Martinique in 1830, and more generally, the tens of thousands of enslaved Africans who were taken to Martinique as part of the…

The Three Rebel Queens of the Virgin Islands (Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI)
Standing on a base made of stones of varied size and shape, the three women, the leaders of the Fireburn Revolt, face outward, forming a triangle. Dressed in floor-length dresses and aprons, each figure carries objects related to their resistance.…

L’Arbre de la Liberté (Schoelcher, Martinque)
Facing the Caribbean Ocean, the work consists of eight abstracted forms, some of which are rectilinear, and geometrize and others more curvilinear, with rounded organic forms. The bronze figures are embellished with symbols, which according to the…

Neg Mawon Emancipation Monument (Roseau, Dominica )
Standing resolutely forward, the muscular figure of a shirtless self-emancipated man ('neg maron' or black maroon), with broken shackles and chains around his wrists and neck, holds a conch shell to his lips. The bronze figure, located in the center…

Spirit of Freedom (Hamilton, Bermuda)
In 1730, the colonial government of Bermuda executed Sarah Bassett, an enslaved woman, for allegedly attempting to poison her granddaughter’s enslavers. In Spirit of Freedom, she is shown with her hand and feet bound, as she gazes defiantly upward.
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