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The Art of Return asks visitors to reflect upon the legacy of the slave trade and the persistent problems of racism and bigotry. The ark includes three principal design elements. According to the artist: “The first element is a three-dimensional map…

The work depicts three infantrymen and a sailor. Above the group is a personification of the "Spirit of Freedom." The other side of the statue includes a scene of a soldier and his family.

Unveiled three days before the 10th anniversary of Guyanese Independence, the work celebrates the Guyanese anti-colonial struggle, resistance against, and eventual emancipation from slavery. The work is dedicated to the memory of Cuffy, an Akan man…

The monument depicts three bronze figures, two African American Union soldiers and a civilian field hand. The field hand and a soldier support a second soldier, who has been wounded in a Civil War battle.

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The memorial sits on .35 acres and includes seven distinct design features: Wall of Remembrance, Ancestral Re-Interment Grove, Memorial Wall, The Ancestral Chamber, Circle of the Diaspora, Spiral Processional Ramp, and The Ancestral Libation…

Sited on the tourist promenade of River Street, the work depicts a black family in contemporary dress. The father, mother, daughter, and son hold one another in a tight embrace as they stand on broken chains. Along the base of the work are engravings…

 African-American Soldier Monuments, Danbury.jpg
The black granite monument, which resembles the adjacent grave markers, is dedicated to honoring African-American veterans who volunteered for Civil War service.

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The Amistad Memorial centers around a large bronze triangular prism adorned with sculptural reliefs, depicting scenes from the life of Sengbe Pieh.In 1839 Pieh led a revolt of abducted Africans against their captors on the Spanish slave ship, the…

A monumental outdoor figure of Harriet Tubman armed with a long rifle and further fortified with a bronze-colored patina. Tubman stands on numerous quilts.

The memorial is located in the coastal Ghanaian district of Anlo, once known for its substantial involvement in the slave trade. A high-walled circular enclosure with a small wooden door, which serves as a narrow entrance, leads the viewer to the…
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