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Top illustration shows slaves escaping to a Union ship as buildings burn in the distance. Three bottom illustrations show an escaped slave in tattered clothing upon his crossing of Union lines, welts from being whipped upon his back, and in uniform…

An article from the Randolph County Journal, a local Winchester, Indiana newspaper, describing the escape of Charles Nalle.

An aeriel photograph of the Contrabands and Freedmen Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia, after The City of Alexandria removed the gas station and office building from the cite in 2007.

The photograph shows bird's-eye view of the Alexandria, VA.

AME_Zion Church_Auburn.jpg

Thompson Slave List.jpg
Anthony Thompson's List of slaves. Ben Ross, Tubman’s father is first name on the list.

The aerial view of Alexandria, VA was created according to an Act of Congress in 1863 by Charles Magnus in the Clerk's Office of the Southern District of New York. The hand-colored map includes an index with the following points of interests: Hunting…

Brodess plantation.jpg
Fields of the formerEdwardBrodess Plantation near Bucktown, Maryland. Between 1823-24, Edward Brodess moved to his own property near Bucktown, Maryland, bringing with him Rit and the Ross children, separating them from their father.

Bucktown Village Store, which has been renovated, is the site where Tubman was struck in the head with an iron, leaving her permanently disabled.

Thompson Plantation.png
Fields on the former Anthony Thompson Plantation, at Peter's Neck, Madison, Dorchester County, Maryland. Slaveowner Anthony Thompson, owned Ben Ross, Tubman’s father and she born on the Thompson Plantation.
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