A list of the artists, architects, and designers who have created monuments in the United States and Canada that are included in Contemporary Monuments to the Slave Past. This is an ongoing documentation project and the names/websites will be added here as we update the Omeka site.

Artist Name Artist Website Link to Item
Vinnie Bagwell https://www.vinniebagwell.com/ Frederick Douglass Circle
Dexter Benedict https://dexterbenedict.art/ William Seward and Harriet Tubman Statue
Meredith Bergman https://meredithbergmann.com/ Monument to Women’s Suffrage
Richard Blake http://richardblakesculptor.com/index.php/home/home/ Frederick Douglass
Erik Blome https://www.erikblome.com/ Edmonson Sisters Memorial
Manuelita Brown http://www.tsahaistudio.com/ Sojourner Truth
Sharon BuMann http://www.sharonbumann.com/SHARONBUMANN.COM/HOME.html Jerry Rescue Monument
Roy W. Butler http://roybutler.net/ United States Colored Troops National Monument
Jay Hall Carpenter http://jayhallcarpenter.com/ Frederick Douglass Memorial
Gary Casteel https://valleyartsgallery.com/casteel-sculptures-llc/ United States Colored Troops Memorial Statue
Mario Chiodo https://www.chiodoart.com/

Unwavering Courage in the Pursuit of Freedom

The Path of Thorns and Roses (Contraband and Freedmen Cemetery Memorial)

Fern Cunningham https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fern_Cunningham Step on Board
Jane DeDecker https://janededecker.com/ Harriet Tubman (first cast)
Harriet Tubman (second cast)
Harriet Tubman (third cast)
Harriet Tubman (fourth cast)
Ed Dwight https://www.eddwight.com/ Memorial to the Underground Railroad
Gateway to Freedom: International Memorial to the Underground Railroad
Tower of Freedom
South Carolina African-American History Monument
Texas African American History Memorial
Soldiers Memorial
Denmark Vesey Monument
Andrew Edwards https://www.cornoviiedwards.com/home Frederick Douglass Monument
James L. Gafgen https://buckscountymag.com/james-gafgen/ Harriet Ross Tubman Memorial
Susan Geissler http://susangeissler.com/ Freedom Crossing Monument
Ed Hamilton https://www.edhamiltonstudios.com/ Amistad Memorial
“Spirit of Freedom”: African American Civil War Memorial
The 29th Colored Regiment Monument
James K. Hill https://www.salisbury.edu/news/article/New-SU-Sculpture-Honors-Harriet-Tubman Harriet Tubman
Preston Jackson http://www.prestonjacksonart.com/ Knockin’ On Freedom’s Door
Pepsy M. Kettavong http://www.mushroomhouse.com/pepsy-kettavong Let's Have Tea
Olivia Kim


Fredrick Douglass (Rochester, NY)

Gabriel Koren https://www.gabrielkoren.com/home.php Frederick Douglass Memorial (New York City)
Rodney Leon http://www.rodneyleon.com/home
James Edward Lewis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_E._Lewis
Andrea Lugar https://www.lugarfoundry.com/
Larry Lugar https://www.lugarfoundry.com/ Corinth Contraband Camp (Corinth, MS)
Jerome Meadows https://meadowlarkstudio.blogspot.com/p/about.html
David S. Newton http://www.davidsnewtonsculptor.com/
Martin Puryear https://www.matthewmarks.com/new-york/artists/martin-puryear/
Joel Randall https://www.sculptorjoelrandell.com/
Frank Rekrut https://www.theflorencestudio.com/sculpture-.html
Marc Andre Robinson https://www.studiomuseum.org/exhibition/marc-andre-robinson-twice-told
Alison Saar https://lalouver.com/artist.cfm?tArtist_id=263
Joyce J. Scott https://www.mobilia-gallery.com/artists/joyce-j-scott
J. Kim Sessums http://www.jkimsessums.com
Dorothy Radford Spradley https://gosouthsavannah.com/historic-district-and-city/monuments/african-american-monument.html
StudioEIS https://www.studioeis.com/
Do Ho Suh https://www.lehmannmaupin.com/artists/do-ho-suh/biography
Thomas Jay Warren https://warrensculpture.com/
D. J. Wilkins http://djwilkins.com/
Bruce Wolfe https://www.brucewolfe.com/

Created August 14, 2020